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Amber team provides specialized tax advice as well as support to tax and accounting compliance.

    • Solutions to optimize the tax position within the framework of the economic-legislative opportunities provided by the prevailing legislation at any time.
    • Mergers and Acquisitions.
    • Structured Finance both national and international.
    • Foreign, inward and outward investments.
    • Double Taxation Treaties.
    • Restructuring sales network and sales structures both nationally and internationally.

    • In tax audits and inspections
    • Contentious Economic and Administrative Procedures, tax litigation.

    • Corporate Income Tax (CIT).
    • Personal Income Tax (PIT).
    • Non-Residents Corporate and Personal Income Tax (NRT).
    • Gift and Inheritance Tax (GIT).
    • Value Added Tax (VAT).
    • Capital and Transfer Tax and Stamp Duties (CT).
    • Inheritance and Gift Tax (JGT).
    • Local Taxes and special taxes applicable to specific business sectors and operations with special characteristics.

    • In tax audits and inspections.
    • Branches.
    • Permanent establishments.
    • Representative offices.
    • Commercial agents.
    • Commercial offices.

    • Documents supporting inter-company pricing for transfer-pricing regulations purposes (Transfer Pricing).
    • Directors, Officers and managers’ remuneration packages, including flexible remuneration packages. Advice in expatriates and returns.
    • Family-owned businesses, Family Office service; family tax planning and business succession.
    • E-Business.
    • Accounting advice in the application of International Accounting Standards (IAS).
    • Reporting packages in Groups of Companies.
    • Compliance with accounting and tax legislation and formalities.
    • Accounting advice and review.
    • Preparation of the Annual Accounts.

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