Dispute resolution. Litigation and insolvencies.

We advise our clients in civil and commercial claims and disputes. We provide preventive advice in negotiations with suppliers, creditors, customers, shareholders and third parties, preparation of the most appropriate strategy and constant support in decision making process.

We represent and defend our client at court and arbitration proceedings, as a plaintiff, defendant or for the legitimate interest of third parties.

In scenarios financial crisis of a company or an individual, a timely diagnose is essential to choose the most appropriate legal route, be it to restructure the activity, or proceed to an orderly liquidation with utmost legal certainty for the entrepreneur, shareholders, directors and managers, using the mechanisms of limitation of liabilities provided in the law (e.g. to pre-bankruptcy mechanisms, or bankruptcy proceedings).

In case of companies, we analyze the risks, contingencies and legal implications of insolvency promoting the adoption of bold measures (restructuring and pre-bankruptcy proceedings, negotiations with creditors, feasibility plans, and full legal support at insolvency proceedings, with legal protection in the best interest of the company, its shareholders and directors.  

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