Corporate and governance. Compliance.

Corporate and Governance.

Each organization is unique, formed with unique people. Corporate governance, particularly, the relations with shareholders and governmental agencies and regulatory authorities, are key to the stability of the company. 
 We provide full-service across the wide range of corporate issues, partnering businesses as they grow through equity, debt, in fundraising processes, joint-ventures, acquisitions as well as IPOs as well as to set-up, amend and transfer and liquidate companies, branches and representative offices.
As legal counsel we advise in the duties of Company Secretary – (lawful resolutions, meetings, minutes and corporate documents, and implementation of resolutions), and assume the role as Company Secretary and compliance officers. We review the efficiency of national and international corporate structures.

Corporate Compliance.

Legal entities are required to have suitable internal processes to prevent risks of incurring corporate (penal liability) due to law breaches through it. Poor or inadequate management entails risks of governmental controls, fines, penalties and reputational damages (in addition to the personal liabilities of directors and managers and employees directly involved).
We advise on the establishment of robust compliant and efficient compliance structures to reduce this risk, without interfering the operations. Our business-friendly work method bases on the business reality and determines the appropriate adjustments and complements without adding unnecessary bureaucratic, administrative burdens. As a tool of prevention and control of contingencies the general perception of law compliance as a burden turns to become a management asset that contributes value.

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