M&A Mergers and Acquisitions. Transactions.

In dynamic and global markets, M&A transactions can be tools to add value rapidly. Private and institutional investors –funds, private equity and venture capital, companies, individuals and family offices-, can find in us a reliable partner with integral vision (legal-regulatory, tax, financial, business strategy). We cover a wide variety of transactions, domestic and cross-border: Acquisitions, transfers, capital increase/reduction, swaps, mergers, splits and spin-offs; Joint-Ventures; financing; LBOs, MBOs, Build-ups, IPOs; group reorganizations; relocation and offshoring.

From decision to closing, we assist throughout all the processes and investment cycle (investment, maintenance and disinvestment): Review of information - tax and legal due diligence-, planning, and preparing and negotiation legal documentation -Letters of Intent, NDA, R&W final SPA and closing documents.

After closing, during the maintenance period we are client’s eyes, monitoring investment, agreements, R&W, conditions, progress of business, budgets, and milestones, tax and legal issues, to have the asset updated, ready at all times to make rapid decisions, with our “Ready for Sale" package: Investors can focus time and resources in new projects, while outsourcing this to us at highly competitive fees. 

Divestment requires professional guidance as much as investment. Going to market without preparation means weaknesses and disadvantages, delays in “time-to-deal” even jeopardize a deal opportunity. We assist in the preparation, legal and tax planning, ve legal documents to protect seller’s interests.

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