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Amber provides advice to clients covering a wide range of services in the human resources area, ranging from the most specialized employment legal issues, assistance in the daily management of payrolls, to more specialized aspects such as HR Consultancy.

    • Advice and support on employment matters, especially drafting, negotiating, amending and terminating employment contracts.
    • Protocols and Codes of Conduct.
    • Outsourcing and sub-contracting activities.
    • Advice in labor and workforce issues in restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and asset and business transfers (suspension of employment contracts, redundancy programs “EREs”, changes in working conditions, insolvency situations, etc.)
    • Transfer of undertakings by operation of law in asset /business unit transfers.
    • Collective Agreements (sector / company).
    • Occupational risk prevention.
    • Strike and lock-out.
    • Representation and defense before governmental agencies and labour and criminal courts.

    Payroll and Social Security Compliance

    • Salaries payroll and Social Security processes.
    • Representation before Social Security and Work hazard Insurance Company
    • Certificates on PAYE withholdings made on account of employee’s personal income tax.
    • Employee individual account calculation of Personal Income Tax rates applicable.
    • Analysis of PAYE withholdings applicable throughout the year.

    Personnel Administration

    • Employees registration and de-registration.
    • Employees hiring.
    • Senior executives and especial employment contracts.
    • Monitoring and maturity control of employment contracts.
    • Settlement pays calculation upon termination and dismissal.
    • Severance compensations and indemnifications.
    • Company certificates.
    • Advice on working days, public holidays, permitted leaves, breaks, etc.


    Monthly, quarterly and annual declarations of withholding taxes.


    • Residence permits and renewals.
    • Residence cards.
    • Foreigner Identity Number (NIE, Número de Identidad de Extranjero)
    • VISAs.
    • Nationality.
    • Other.



    • Analysis and advice for the proper classification and registration of Directors, officers and executives.
    • Senior executives’ employment contracts and remuneration packages.
    • Protection clauses (“Golden parachute”), non-compete, confidentiality clauses, modification and termination.
    • Expatriated and inpatriated executives. Secondment programs.
    • Stock option programs.
    • Advice and Support in all matters relating to foreign and non-resident directors, officers and employees: work and residence permits, etc..

    • Functional analysis of positions.
    • Organizational studies.
    • Benchmarking, and analysis of remuneration and compensation programs.
    • Training programs and professional career development programs.
    • Labor environment
    • Other.

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    Forms of collaboration

    Amber Projects advises in managing in legal and business projects adn problems (evaluation, reassignment and re/negotiation) + info

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