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Amber’s team, with long and international experience,provides a wide range of services in the area of corporate, commercial, international law and business transactions.

Amber’s team

    • Establishment of companies, Articles of Incorporation (Bye-laws), Shareholders Agreements: stock, control, special share transfer rights (drag along, tag along, buy-back, voting syndicates, etc.).
    • Shareholding restructuring.
    • Transfers of shares and holdings.
    • Family Protocol Agreements, Council and Family business succession.
    • Agreements and structures for business partnering and associations.
    • Advice to shareholders, investors, Managers and stakeholders with regard to all kind of companies and legal entities.
    • Planning and implementation of corporate governance organization structures to reinforce security and value of the organization.
    • Board of Directors Secretaries and support to management committees providing advice on corporate, business and strategic decisions.
    • Advice to Directors, Officers and Executives in their duties, responsibilities, liabilities, rights and remuneration.
    • Groups of Companies.
    • Branches, establishments, representative offices and places of business.
    • Joint venture contracts and JV companies.
    • Companies subject to special regimes: SVenture Capital, Cooperatives, civil, condominium; Regulatory matters on specially regulated sectors.
    • Non-profit entities: Associations, foundations, etc.
    • Public-controlled entities.

    • Contracts in general and specially regulated contracts.
    • Sale and purchase, lease and supply.
    • Technical assistance and transfer of technology, technology services.
    • Transport, logistics, distribution and franchise.
    • Assignment and license.
    • Commercial agency, marketing and advertising.
    • BPO – Business Processing Outsourcing.
    • Project Finance Contracts.
    • Joint-venture agreements.
    • Planning on and implementing structures for sales networks both nationally and internationally.
    • Commerce, consumers and users general conditions of sale/purchase/service retail sale.
    • Leasing, confirming, renting, factoring, cash pooling, OEM, tooling, toll manufacturing.

    • Antitrust.
    • Compliance with sector’s specific regulatory framework.
    • Personal Data protection.
    • e-Commerce and information society and media.
    • Foreign investments and Exchange control.
    • Foreign loans and financial instruments.
    • Advice on the standards on prevention, control and detection of fraud and irregularities, anti-money-laundering regulations and bribery.
    • Advice in intra-organization inquiries.
    • Identification and solutions management of fraud and recovery of assets.
    • Advice in prevention and, if needed, defense of the company or legal entity with regard to Legal Entities Criminal Liablity.

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    Other services

    Amber’s team provides specialized tax advice and support to tax and accounting compliance processes
    + info

    Our team provides advice and support on corporate finance, business consulting and deals + info

    Our team provides support in Due Diligence reviews, Data Room and other general or special reviews + info

    We help our clients solve financial crisis, turnaround processes, asset reorganization, bankruptcy proceedings and corporate conflicts + info

    We have multidisciplinary teams with deep knowledge and acquainted with the law as well as businesses, companies and organizations + info

    We provide integral legal, tax and business advice to real estate and construction transactions and projects + info

    Amber helps its clients to manage commercial, civil and even financial-crime conflicting issues, when needed, through litigation and arbitration procedures + info

    Our professional team provides expert advice to protect intellectual property and confidential information + info

    Our professional team advises and supports clients in all aspects of employment law, management & HR Consultancy + info

    We issue reports required to provide legal security to transactions and legal processes requiring them + info

    Forms of collaboration

    Amber Projects advises in managing in legal and business projects adn problems (evaluation, reassignment and re/negotiation) + info

    Amber’s team has extensive experience in Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) to cover legal one-off or recurring and/or specialized needs + info

    Amber Interim helps make efficient decisions for resource allocation to reduce expensive fixed investment on lawyers. Interim management service is an in-house temporary support to reinforce the legal department during extra or time-off work + info



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