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We offer comprehensive support service, especially useful when you do not have your own administration department to comply with accounting, tax and labor obligations, or you wish to outsource all or part of said processes.

We accompany our clients in their international growth in Spain and abroad: we have the capacity to manage operations with international components, being able to take on centralized coordination of these compliance processes, shortening distances and simplifying difficulties due to different regulations, culture, currency, etc.

Our services include:

  • Bookkeeping: Support in bookkeeping and mandatory accounting records, preparation of Financial Statements and Accounting Reporting, Accounting Review, Tax Accounting, Global Coordination Services and Shared Services Centers, Conversion of Financial Statements to other reporting systems (GAAPs),
  • Tax compliance: Preparation and filing of tax returns, management of electronic notifications and global coordination services (VAT, Corporation Tax, Withholdings on account of Personal Income Tax, Non-Residents, expatriates, Double Taxation Treaties, ETEs, 720 forms, etc.)
  • Payroll and employment compliance: Preparation and assistance to payment of salary payroll, social security contributions or taxes and withholdings, and monthly salary-cost and related items reporting and breakdown; Identification of suitable types of employment contracts, taking advantage of bonuses, subsidies and social benefits, employment contract renewal, changes in work conditions, termination of contracts; management of electronic notifications, working hours register, employee portal; global coordination services; Immigration and work and residence permits, for EU and non-EU citizens. Directors officers and managers, stock options or phantom units / shares, subcontractors.
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