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Logistics Contracts amid Covid-19 crisis: Force majeure? "Rebus sic stantibus"?

The provision of logistics services is experiencing intense days. Trade and distribution in recent decades has intensified and globalized, thanks to logistics, as a comprehensive pivotal service around which the supply chain functions, that includes various types of activities also in legal terms, and our law treats as one of the so-called atypical, non-standard contracts sine does not provide for a comprehensive regulation of a logistics contract” as such (unlike sale and purchase, loan, or lease contracts).

As a “complex” contract or set of contracts, of diverse legal nature, it comprises several contracts, mainly, warehousing or deposit, transport services, packaging, stock management, quality control, testing, order preparation, customs procedures, reverse logistics, etc.

The current COVID-19 crisis requires maximizing efficiency in processes, which is precisely the raison d’être of logistics which now contributes to sustaining the life of our country at such critical moments. So now the logistics sector is affected, on the one side by the restrictions to which its clients and / or suppliers are subjected (eg “non-essential activities” are temporarily banned or put on hold) and on the other, by the sudden increase in workload, e.g. managing essential supplies, or even under requisition, with sudden and profound changes.

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