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Compliance in COVID-19 times

Spanish legal system, like that of neighboring countries, has been raising the standards of legal compliance of companies and organizations (very clearly with the 2015 reform of our Criminal Code introducing the new art. 31 bis) with greater requirements for the prevention of law non-compliance -not only to avoid criminal punishment- and reinforced sanction mechanisms-, in order to reduce the risks derived from non-compliance, although these new requirements are being adopted unevenly and the COVID-19 outbreak burst into this context.

These difficult days of sharp crisis derived from the governmental measures adopted following the state of emergency decreed on March 14, 2020, are a test on the strength of administrative and management structure of companies and organizations.

These are moments of urgent and difficult decisions that expose managers to increased risk in many aspects, also the risk of regulatory breach by making decisions or acting in violation of laws in different areas, including particularly, unduly applying rules or legal benefits in the exceptional situation.

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